Chaplains on the Harbor

Our mission is to build relationships and stand with the poor of Grays Harbor County as together we build leadership and transformation for community empowerment.



Letter from the Rev. March 2017

A few years ago, I was standing at a huge, concrete, military wall that surrounds most of the city of Bethlehem, in Palestine (the place Jesus was born so long ago). The wall was spray painted with messages from around... Continue Reading →

The Fight for Sanctuary

  Dear friends and supporters, We are writing with an update from the front lines of struggle. As many of you know, in obedience to the gospel command "love thy neighbor as thyself,"¬†we have chosen to host a small number... Continue Reading →

Sanctuary Threatened in Westport

We have a small handful of people who have asked for refuge at our church. No one that I am aware of has come from out of the area specifically to be in the camp; Westport is remote and not... Continue Reading →

Winter Storm Sleepover

  You know the story of stone soup, where a community comes together with what they have and make a feast? We did that this weekend. Barbecued pork and sausage over wood fire, Cole slaw, potatoes. Amazing people, amazing community.... Continue Reading →

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